Do I Need To Set Up A Consultation?

This is a great way to eliminate stress the day of your wedding. Our consultation consists of one on one time between you and your stylist/makeup artist. this is the time to discuss your needs the day of your wedding, as well as your likes and dislikes to find out what suits you best.

How Far In Advanced Should I Book My Wedding Day Services?

If your wedding is in the summer, it is best to book about 7 months in advanced, due to the high demand of our services at that time. Any other time of year, we recommend 3-4 months to be sure you get the exact day you need.

What Does The Bridal Trial Include?

This is a hands on consultation where you and the stylist/makeup artist will play with different looks to determine exactly what you want and what will look best on your wedding day.

Do My Bridesmaids Need To Have A Trial?

This is a great way to get all of the girls together for a day of pampering and finalize all the details for the look of your bridal party. It’s also the best time to get their manicures, pedicures and facials. This is your big day so enjoy it.

Is It Best To Have My Makeup Professionally Done?

This is one of your biggest days. Photos can affect the way makeup appears, as well as the lighting either in doors or out doors. Our professionals can help with determining and applying the best makeup combinations appropriate for your wedding day. We have products that can help keep up with weather, rain, and tears, providing a long lasting flawless look.

How Far In Advanced Should You Have These Services Done?

*Waxing (Facial & Bikini/Leg Hair): At least 3-5 Days

* Facials: At least 7-10 Days

* Massage: 1-3 Days

* Hair Services: Regular maintenance at least 7 Days. (Trim & Coloring)

* New Make Over ( Cut & Coloring): Allow 3-4 Weeks so any changes may be made if necessary, and to allow you to adjust to your new look.

*Nails:1-3 Days prior for any french manicure/pedicure in addition to any nail enhancements (gels, shellacs, or tips)


Mens Services To Be Done Prior To Wedding Day:

*Hair Cut: 3-5 Days

* Gentleman’s Facial: 5-7 Days

*Massage: 1-3 Days

*Gentleman’s Nail Grooming/ Maintenance Pedicure: 1-3 Days

*Waxing: 3-5 Days

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