Classic Swedish Massage: 55 min/ $85

Extended Session 80 min/ $115

This massage is great for those who are stressed out and just need to relax. This massage will leave your muscles feeling less tense and will improve circulation. Your muscles will thank you and you will leave feeling like a new person.

Combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage: 55 min/ $95

Extended Session 80 min/ $120

This massage is a combination of deeper pressure and lighter pressure as needed. This is a great massage for those who are looking to be relaxed and get rid of knots from overworked and tired muscles.

Hot Stone Massage: 55 min/ $95

Extended Session 80 min/ $115

Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation. The hot stones are great for getting into those sore muscles for a deep relaxation without overheating your body.

Sports Massage: 55 min/ $95

Extended Session 80 min/ $125
Follow Up Half Session: 30 min/ $65

A customized massage that combines different massage techniques that can boost sports performance. Many athletes consider massage as an integral part of their routines. Week-end Warriors benefit from this massage as well after pushing physical limits with strenuous activities like hiking, biking, and running.

Deep Tissue Massage 55 min $100.00

Extended Session 80 min/ $135

Designed to revitalize and awaken the senses. Aroma-infused hot towels and specific massage techniques alleviate tension and tiredness stored in the neck, shoulders and back. The sense of relaxation is further enhanced with an energy-releasing leg and foot massage using deeper pressure.

Neck, Back, & Shoulder Massage: 30 min/ $65

Extended Session 55 min/ $85

This massage is great for those who are always sitting at a desk working on a computer and talking on the phone. This is not a full body massage. This massage is geared to help strengthen your lower and upper back, as well as work out the kinks in your neck and shoulders

Pre/Post Natal Massage: 50 min/ $95

Extended Session 80 min/ $120

This is massage that is a wonderful complementary choice for pre and post pregnancy care. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. This massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during and after pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, and headaches. . You must have a written consent from your doctor and in your second trimester to receive this massage

Bamboo Bliss Massage: 50 min $95

Extended Session 80 mins/ $115

A wonderful alternative to deep tissue massage, this service incorporates warmed bamboo stalks to knead away aches and pains while simultaneously increasing circulation. The warmth of the bamboo aids in relaxation and facilitates the healing process of tired sore muscles.

Couples Classic Swedish Massage: 50 min $170 (for Two)

Classic Swedish Extended Session: 80 mins $230

Relax Together - whether it is with your friend, sister or significant other. Reconnect with one another and Share the experience of our Relaxing Classic Swedish massage.

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